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Fitness Friday: Power Up Your Pelvis

For women, the pelvis can be an extremely controversial topic when it comes to strength training.  You may agree that, being the place through which all life enters through, it encompasses a decent amount of power.

Energetically, the pelvis is associated with the second chakra which is considered the seat of power. Maintaining a balance of flexibility and strength in the muscles surrounding the pelvis is crucial for almost any activity, and one muscle of particular importance is the psoas.

The psoas muscles, which are considered part of the core, are essential for range of motion and balance.  Emotionally, they are connected to the limbic brain (the fight or flight region).  Consequently, working the psoas muscle is one way to alleviate negative emotions, such as fear and anger, that are connected to this part of the brain.

The following are a few ways to get in touch with this often neglected but highly important muscle:

-Shake Your Body Like a Belly Dancer: With a little research, you can find belly or even pole dancing classes in your community.  Once considered taboo, many women now appreciate the major health benefits of moving the body in this manner.  Fun fact: belly dancing was originally taught to young women to prepare them for childbirth, not for seducing men.

-Have Fun With Some Hip Openers: Yoga is a wonderful way to connect to the hips.  If you aren’t sure where your psoas is located, you’ll know after a series of hip openers.

-Party on in Pilates: Though it was originally created by a man, women now flock to this modality for it’s positive impacts on pelvic power.

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A young Dee, stretching her psoas…..

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