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Fitness Friday: Fancy Footwork

You don’t need to be the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers to play around with fancy footwork.  In fact, if grace and coordination do not come naturally to you, you may even benefit more from practicing it.

Agility training is a great way to fitness multitask.  Since it incorporates learning, focus, coordination, and balance,  you’ll strengthen your muscles along with your brain.

Looking for a few simple ways to incorporate some fancy footwork into your life?  Try the following:

-Spice Up Your Workout with the Speed Ladder: In between strength training sets, do a few drills on the speed ladder.  You’ll get the benefits of interval training while improving agility.

-Do Some Dance: Dance is the #1 way to reduce risk of dementia through exercise.  It’s also tons of fun.

-Swing Back to Step: Remember step classes?  Though I no longer teach group step, I do love using some my old moves while interval training.  Using a step is a great way to get more comfortable with level change, which can take your coordination to a whole new level!  If you don’t own a step or prefer to workout outside the gym, real stairs are always an option (google Gene Nelson “Tea for Two” for some inspiration).

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T practicing his footwork on the beach….

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