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Fitness Friday: Divine Movement

There is something about sitting on a train for 9 hours that makes one appreciate the pleasure of movement.   Being forced to remain mostly still for that long makes a simple neck role feel downright sensual.  (On the upside, I think I developed what I will call “Train Yoga” during this last trip, a topic for another post….)

Watching the other passengers, it became obvious how much living beings crave movement.  Like a cat stretching after a luxurious nap, moving and feeling our bodies is an innate desire.  How then has our collective view of exercise become so convoluted?

What if exercise was just another avenue to feeling good, like a moonlight tryst or some very dark chocolate? Ok, I can hear you laughing now.  You may think I am crazy, but I wholeheartedly believe this is possible.  If you are feeling wildly optimistic this weekend as well, give the following a try:

-Practice Exercise Autonomy:  Separate exercise from diet.  Not in a don’t fuel yourself for said activity type of way, but more in a don’t count on exercise to burn some predetermined number of calories type of way.  Divorce exercise from food consumption, take the pressure off, and enjoy some movement for movements sake.

-Exercise for the Body You Have, Not the Body You Want: There is nothing wrong with having long term goals when it comes to exercise.  However, we all know from the mindfulness explosion over the past few years that projecting happiness onto some future experience does nothing for your well being now.  Instead of rushing through workouts you hate in an effort to reach some future ideal that may or may not come to fruition, why not appreciate your body for all it can do right now?

-F the (Fitness) Patriarchy:  Haha, I’ve been wanting to use the word patriarchy in a post since November 8th 2016ish…why has it taken me so long?  Well, anyway, I stand firm on this bullet point.  Don’t be afraid to be strong.  Being strong and feminine are not mutually exclusive.  It’s been nice to see the trend in fitness go from women lifting super light weights to avoid looking “manly” to actually building strength because being strong is helpful for survival.  Whether it’s venturing over to the free weights section at the gym or signing up for a self defense class, feeling strong on the outside may just translate to feeling strong on the inside.

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T enjoys riding on trains but prefers to run free….

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