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Fitness Friday: Back in Action

There are not many areas on the body as neglected as the back.  Is it because most of the time it’s out of our view?  Muscular weakness in the back may hard to see, but boy is it easy to feel.  Last I checked, something like 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lives.

When it comes to the back, we can’t ignore it without some consequences.  The following are a few ideas for keep your back strong and healthy:

-Pull, Pull, Pull….:  Pulling exercises are a fabulous way to work the back.  Pulling from different angles works different muscles, so switch up your direction.  By extending your arms fully then consciously drawing your shoulder blades together you’ll inspire back muscles to activate, making it harder for the biceps to take over.

-Stretch Your Hamstrings: Tight hamstrings can often pull on the lower back and create discomfort.  Foam rolling hamstrings prior to a workout and stretching them after may help address this issue.  If you have a sensitive back, be sure to bend the knees as much as you need during extended leg stretches, gradually working towards straight as your muscles allow.

-Explore Your Spine: There is a saying that goes “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”  How many directions do you move your torso in any given day?  If the answer is not too many, consider taking up a yoga class or something similar that will get you moving your spine as nature intended.  Roll it, twist it, bend it back, forth, and side to side, the options are endless!

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T says “That’s great you can bench 300 bro, but what about your back?”

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