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The Easy and Fun Way to Healthy

We humans are pretty miraculous creatures.  Since inception, we’ve been wired to take the road of least resistance.  This serves us well in many aspects of life and is one of the major reasons our species still exists.  We’ve made it almost effortless to do things that used to take a lot of physical energy.  We can obtain food, maintain a home (I’m not gonna lie, Roomba is the best….DJ Roomba is better!), and even make a living from the comfort of our own couch.

In today’s modern society, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are movement machines.  Or that physical adaptation has not yet caught with the technological advances created via the human mind.  Though most of us aren’t running from saber tooth tigers anymore, our bodies still have the power to do so.  Though most of us don’t have to forage in the wild for food to eat, our bodies have yet to adapt to the artificially flavored and chemically altered options available at the grocery store.

Caught somewhere in between the old world and the new, is it possible to support our bodies in ways that align with our predetermined wiring to travel the path of least resistance?  Can we navigate the current world skillfully and maintain healthy bodies in the process?

One of the benefits to knowing a little bit about how the brain works is that we can use it to our advantage.  If we are truly wired to take the path of least resistance, why not set ourselves up to make that path a healthy one?  The easier it is to make the healthier choice, the more apt we are to do it.  If we can make it easy and enjoyable, we might just be unstoppable.

The following are a few goals I get asked about often and some ideas on how to achieve them with ease and enjoyment:

1.) Goal: A Daily Walk

Easy: Keep everything you need by the door (sneakers, headphones, dog’s leash, etc…).  Alternatively and if your lifestyle allows, embrace athlesiure on the days you plan to walk and you won’t have to change a thing!  (Never having to wear pants with a fly is one of the main reasons I continue to work in the industry I do….)

Enjoyable: Download a favorite book or podcast to entice you out the door.

2.) Goal: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Easy: Keep some prepped and ready to go.  Whether you do it yourself of buy them pre-washed and cut, preparation is key!  No one wants to peel or chop when hangry.

Even easier, choose fruits and veggies that require little to no prep like apples, berries, or cherry tomatoes.  Color is also key so keep that beautiful produce on full display using clear fridge containers or an old fashioned fruit bowl on the counter.  Just like we are wired to choose the path of least resistance, we are also naturally attracted to more colorful foods since their antioxidant content is higher (when it comes to produce…unfortunately colorful candy still has minimal to no nutritional value……)

Enjoyable:  Invest or make your own delicious dips and dressings.  No matter how boring the veggie (celery, I am talking to you…) a delicious dip or dressing will positively increase produce intake.

For more tips, tricks, and musings on health, head over to the Joyful Gym Rat page on Facebook!


No matter what we plant, T will eat it dipped in BBQ sauce and/or guacamole…..

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