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Two Balls in a Pod

Whether or not you happen to be part of a couple right now, these balls are for you (that’s what she said?  He said? Sorry, we’ve been watching The Office on Netflix after T goes to bed lately….).  Since this week was punctuated by me and J’s 9 year anniversary followed by Valentine’s day, a treat was in order.  In case you were wondering, semi-eloping to Key West with 13 of your closest is a great excuse to evacuate Chicago mid-February.  We may have been young and in love, but we weren’t dumb.

J’s been digging walnuts and dates as a pre-workout snack.  I wanted to make him something sweet without cramping his healthy style.  Consequently, these balls have just two ingredients!  You guessed it, walnuts and dates.  I did roll them in a bit of coconut to make them look fancy but if you are good with casual balls (there must be a joke in there somewhere….) walnuts and dates are all you’ll need.  Give yourself or someone else a little love this weekend and roll up some (healthy!) sweet treats!


-1.5 cups raw walnuts

-1.5 cups Deglet Noor or other date of choice, pitted

To make:

-Place dates and walnuts in food processor.  Process until blended and sticky.

-Roll mixture into ping pong sized balls.

-Chill in fridge for at least 30 minutes (the balls, not you).

For more plant based ideas head over to the Joyful Gym Rat page on Facebook


Just a couple of peas in a pod balls on a counter….

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