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Tasty Tuesday: Rockin’ Romaine Smoothie Bowl

One thing T and I have in common, besides our genes, is a love for green smoothies.  As a grown up I am flexible on acceptable smoothie colors.  T, however, is not.  Even when I try to conceal a purple smoothie in an opaque drinking receptacle he opens the top and calls me out on my mistake.  The smoothie bowl below is a twist on one of his favorites.  Instead of the usual spinach, I used romaine lettuce in a flurry of creative inspiration (just kidding, we were out of spinach and I didn’t feel like making a trip to the store…).  Truthfully the romaine pairs well with the sweeter ingredients and makes for a rather refreshing treat.  As a bonus, romaine happens to be a great detoxifier if you are in need of a little internal spring cleaning.

Rockin’ Romaine Smoothie Bowl


-1/2-1 cup (depending on how thick you like your bowl) unsweetened soy or other plant milk (I use West Soy organic unsweetened)

-1 teaspoon chlorella powder (optional but adds to the green hue and nutrition content)

-1 romaine heart, choppped

-1/2 banana (you can slice the other half for a yummy topping!)

-1 small handful frozen broccoli

-1 cup frozen mango

To make:

-Place all ingredients except romaine in blender (unless you have a Vitamix, then layer according to directions).

-Blend ingredients until smooth and add romaine.

-Blend again until romaine disappears.

-Serve in a bowl topped with berries, banana, granola, or whatever else your romaine heart desires!

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Romaine….it’s not just for Caesar salads anymore…..

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