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Tasty Tuesday Plant Based Preparations: Smoothie Bowls

We’ve been minus a kitchen since Friday due to some renovation delays.  Hot plant based meals have been off the menu but smoothie bowls are still going strong!  Why have your smoothie in a bowl?  Studies have shown that it slows the eating process and helps with satiety.  Why have a smoothie at all?  More studies show that today’s high speed blenders are superb at breaking down plant cell walls, much better than our teeth in fact! Pureeing your fruits and veggies increases nutrient absorption.  Since the flavor of most leafy greens gets masked by fruit, smoothies are a great way to get superfoods like spinach into your little one’s diet.  Best of all, when a smoothie is in a bowl you can have fun with toppings, kind of like a sundae for breakfast.  I like adding raw cacao for an added boost but it is totally optional.

Berry and Cacao Green Smoothie:

-First blend everything but the greens:

1 cup frozen berries

Chia gel (2 Tablespoons chia seeds soaked in about 8 oz water overnight)

2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder (optional)

Plant based sweetener to taste (I like a few drops of liquid stevia)

-Once smooth, add 2 cups packed greens (baby spinach is perfect for green smoothie newbies since it is almost undetectable).  Blend until greens are invisible (you may need to scrape down sides once or twice depending on the strength of your blender).

-Pour into bowl.  Top as desired.  (I like fresh berries and nut butter, but cacao nibs, coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and goji berries also make the occasional appearance).

Enjoy! (slowly for best results :))

To learn more smoothie bowls and other fun things head over to the Joyful Gym Rat Facebook page or follow on Twitter.


Stop sipping T!  Don’t you know bowls are where it’s at?

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