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Tasty Tuesday: Going Green

If there is one non-negotiable on our family grocery list, it’s greens.  They appear at every meal (yes, even breakfasts and snacks!)  Why?  With everything I’ve learned (and am still learning) about plant based eating, greens come out on top.  If there were a magical pill that would boost artery function, improve energy efficiency, and enhance athletic recovery, you would be interested, right?  Greens do all this and much, much more with no negative side effects (well, maybe spinach in your teeth….) .  The following are my top 3 ways for incorporating greens at each meal:

-Breakfast: Green smoothie!  Bonus points if you eat it out of a bowl.

-Lunch: Switch out tortillas or bread for lettuce wraps, or make a yummy salad.

-Dinner: Add greens to sauces, top pizza with tons if spinach, and when in doubt, take a handle full of greens and quickly pan cook with a little balsamic to serve as a side or topping.

It’s easy being green……

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