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Tasty Tuesday: Fine Fermentations

Though the idea of fermented foods might seem strange here in the US, many cultures consume some type of ferment with their meals on the regular.  In fact, the Standard American Diet is one of the few devoid of fermented foods, so maybe we are the weird ones?

If you keep up with nutrition, you may have noticed that fermentation is becoming more and more popular.  Yup, kraut is now chic.  And with good reason.  A mere 2 ounces of the stuff can contain more bacteria than an entire jar of expensive probiotic capsules!  (Permission to splurge on that organic artisanal brand you’ve been eyeing now granted……)

In the mood to give your gut a little love?  The following are a few plant based items that can do just that:

Saurkraut: As mentioned above, kraut is pretty much the bomb.  It’s great as a condiment, mixed into salads, or served beside whatever else you happen to be eating.

Kimchi: Consumed pretty much as you would kraut, it’s great for adding a little spice to a meal.  I recently found wildbrine’s kimchi sriracha and now put that s*$t on everything (like the lady in the classic Frank’s Red Hot commercial, only more gut focused…)

Miso:  Miso is a little recipe miracle worker.  From soups to salad dressings, it adds that umami flavor without being too overpowering.

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Miso in the dressing, a few drops of kimchi sriracha, and kraut on top….bacteria never looked (or tasted) so good…..

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