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Planes, Trains, and Acai Bowls

We’ve had a whirlwind of travel over the past month (full disclosure whirlwind = two trips, but for this homebody that’s pretty decent….).  First we went north and T was delighted to take two planes, a bus, and a rental car to visit family.  Next we went south by car to a beautiful beach where more family met us (and which we hope Hurricane Florence decides to take mercy on).

Staying healthy on the road can be tough.  I am a big fan of coming back from travel feeling better than when I left.  Though there are some very valid arguments for ditching routines all together during this time, with a little creativity it can be possible to maintain a sense of equilibrium.  Who knows, you might even create some new healthy habits along the way.

The following are my top tips for feeling robust on the road:

-Embrace the Change in Routine: Rolling with the punches is not only good for the brain, it is great for the body.  Walk or run on some new terrain.  Climb umpteen stairs to view a touristy attraction.  Boogie board like you own the ocean (just try not to land on your head like I did…..).

-Bring Some Gear: Simple equipment like yoga mats and exercise bands pack easily and can inspire some much needed movement after sitting in a teeny tiny seat.

-Hydrate, Hyrate, Hydrate: If there was a traveling MVP, the reusable water bottle would be it.  Considering that most airports now have filtered filling stations, it’s a wonderful way to save money, time, and the planet.

-Stay Somewhere with a Kitchen: Thanks to the popularity of companies like Air B and B, finding a place to stay with a workable kitchen has become much easier.  Not having to rely on restaurants for every meal is not only healthier, but also cheaper.

-Don’t Forget to Breathe:  Travel with family can be hectic.  Even if the agenda is tight, carving out some personal time for quiet contemplation can mean the difference between surviving your travels and actually enjoying them.  For ideas on simple ways to incorporate a mindfulness practice into your day check out my Mindfulness Monday series.

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Green smoothie break for a tired traveling T…..

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