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Mindfulness Monday: Teachings and Tomato Plants

The past few weeks have brought some new challenges.  I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of basking in the familiar and comfortable.  For a few reasons, and none so interesting or dramatic as to be worth sharing here, this did not happen.  I was a little put out about this until a few tomato plants in our garden set me straight.

You see, our tomato plants weren’t flowering.  Upon further research we realized that they were too content.  Too much nitrogen in the soil had squelched their desire to blossom.  They would have been happy continuing on the way they were forever.  Never producing their delicious fruit, just hanging out in garden box number two.  So we took away the nitrogen, trimmed back some of the lush foliage, and basically made their lives a bit more taxing to inspire their development.  As I trimmed, I wondered if the challenges I’ve been facing would inspire my own…..

A stretch of a metaphor?  Maybe, but it was too perfect and too plant-centric not to document on this plant based blog.  So, next time your life throws a curve ball, remember it might be encouraging you to blossom and produce something delicious beautiful.

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Sorry guys, but it’s for your own good.  I promise we will treat you to some more nitrogen real soon…..

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