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Mindfulness Monday: Take Your Workout Outdoors

I am all for working out at the gym (can you guess that from the name of my blog?)  That said, moving your body out in nature is just as important for both your body and mind. Exercising outdoors can lead to greater decreases in stress and anxiety than hitting the gym alone.

Look at it this way: the workout you do in the gym prepares you for moving your body safely in the real world.  In the gym you control all the variables and are hyper focused on things like alignment and proper form.  Once you hone those skills it is time to take your body out for a spin and really enjoy it.  Being active outside doesn’t have to look like a “workout”. Here are a few ideas to get some fresh air and sunshine during these last days of summer while doing right by your body:

Go to a playground:  If you have a child this is an easy one, if you don’t maybe borrow one from a friend or go on your own at an off hour.  Swing, climb, walk the balance beam…remember that exercise can be fun, not just another thing to check off your to-do list.

Mow your lawn: Ok, not as fun as the playground but productive in it’s own way and still a great workout.  Of course, skip the ride on mower and opt to tackle it the old fashioned way.

Go for a swim:  Being in the water can be very healing both physically and psychologically.   And you don’t have to simply swim laps.  Take a water aerobics class, see how long you can tread water on the deep end, or play Marco Polo!

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T loves moving outside, whatever the weather!

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