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Mindfulness Monday: Serve Yourself

Buoyed by some beautiful weather this past weekend, I bring you another post about spring renewal.  Spring can be a great time for clearing out closets, and an even better time for clearing out the more abstract things in life.  Oftentimes we cling to rituals and habits that worked for us once with the expectation that they will work forever.  The problem is, as we constantly grow and evolve, our needs change.  What served us in the past may no longer be serving us today.

Just like you don’t throw out everything in your closet and start afresh every spring (unless you are me that one time I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”….) you don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your lifestyle to replenish your routine.  Start by asking yourself the question “Does this serve me?”.  If it helps you to have some structure, you can do it Joyful Gym Rat style.  On Mindfulness Monday, look at your ways of managing stress.  On Tasty Tuesday, notice your habits in regards to nutrition.  On Fitness Friday, take note of your current fitness routine.  You can meditate on this question, journal about it, or discuss it with a friend.  Doesn’t this sound more interesting than scrubbing the baseboards?

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Sailing on the winds of change….before T decided crashing kites were funnier than flying ones….

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