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Mindfulness Monday: Rockstar Mentality

In this day and age it can be pretty hard to stay on top of things.  Life moves fast.  Just when you begin to feel like the master of your domain, you discover a whole new domain to conquer.

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics.  Take a break from pushing and see what opens up.  Enjoy moments of utter proficiency, doing something you could do with your eyes closed.  Allow yourself to feel like a rockstar once in a while.

The beauty of doing this is that it opens us to flow state.  It has often been said that entering flow state is one of the key components to happiness.  Being in flow is the epitome of presence.  Becoming completely immersed in an activity quiets the mind and allows one to simply be.

Though being challenged is essential for growth, taking the time to revel competence makes striving feel more worthwhile.  So go ahead.  Take your hilly run to flatland and fly.  Crush that moderate level strength training class in lieu of struggling through the advanced.  Show off your mad art skills at a wine and design painting class.   Bust out your four octave vocal range at a karaoke bar.  Get out on the dance floor with your ballet trained booty and shake what your mama gave ya….it just may make you happier.

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Rockstar mentality baby……….

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