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Mindfulness Monday: Mixed Feelings and Mother’s Day

Though Hallmark might have you believe differently, Mother’s Day hasn’t always been all sunshine and roses.  In fact, Mother’s Day initially began as a day on which the grieving mothers of fallen soldiers remembered their sons and promoted peace.  For anyone approaching the upcoming holiday with mixed emotions, you are not alone.

This past Sunday marked the 8th International Bereaved Mother’s Day.  The creator of this holiday recognized that mothers of children who had died were generally left out of the festivities surrounding Mother’s Day.  Her hope was to bring awareness to this fact so eventually a separate holiday would no longer be necessary.

Children whose mothers have died are also likely to feel conflicted.  Celebrating those who are with us while honoring those who are gone can be a delicate balance.

The following are a few points to consider if you need a little extra support this Mother’s Day:

-How Can We All Get Our Needs Met?: If you have a family this certainly isn’t a new question, but it’s an especially important one around Mother’s Day.  Having family usually means there are several people to celebrate or memorialize.  Simply asking this question can help separate the “must-dos” from the “should-dos”.  Allowing top priorities to take precedence while letting the rest fall away can feel very freeing.

-Acknowledge That Things Will Be Different: Acknowledging things will be different doesn’t mean liking that things will be different.  With the passing of time, many holidays go from 3D to 5D in terms of emotional complexity.  Being open to the shifts that occur over time can be less taxing than grasping onto the way your mind thinks things “should be”.

-Treat Yo’ Self: Carving out a little time to do something for yourself can go a long way towards healing around this holiday.  Depending on where you are on the topsy turvy trail that is grief, this can range from something that simply gets you through the day to something that truly brings you joy.  Releasing expectations on how you “should feel” doing said activity can help abate unnecessary pressure.

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