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Mindfulness Monday: Beyond Personal Health

Pursuing wellness goals is often seen as a self-serving pursuit.  In my years working with clients, I’ve noticed that most people new to fitness are gun shy about starting a routine. Aside from the normal fear of the gym there is another pervasive feeling that prevents people from feeling their best: guilt.  I am not talking about guilt over not working out.  I am talking about guilt over working out.  Tending to their physical needs when other people and things are vying for attention makes them uneasy.

Let me offer here that taking time for your personal health, whether lifting some weights or cooking a healthy meal, benefits the common good.  People who take care of themselves well tend to take care of others well.  They also tend to be clearer in thought, mindful in speech, and kind in action.  What is interesting is that the lifestyle and dietary habits that lead to greater health consequently benefit the community and environment we live in.  It’s almost as if everything is connected……

Have you found yourself feeling guilty about taking time to meditate in the morning, eat a healthy lunch, or work out when the world spinning seems contingent upon you “getting stuff done”?  If so, read on for a few motivational ideas that just might inhibit this unhelpful thought pattern:

-Meditation makes you more productive:  Mindfulness meditation comes with a myriad of benefits, one of which is greater productivity.  Taking just 12 minutes first thing in the morning can help you navigate the world from a more calm and centered place.  You’ll spend less time freaking out about what you need to get done and more time doing it.

-Eating more plants benefits you, others, and the environment:  A plant based diet is the only diet shown to prevent and even reverse a wide range of diseases.  Grain used to produce meat for human consumption could help feed hungry people in need of nourishment. Animal agriculture is currently a huge environmental blight.  Next time you cook a nourishing plant based meal, know that it not only benefits you but also the world at large.

-Exercise boosts immunity and improves your mood: Do you want to show up for your family or employer happy and healthy or miserable and sick?  I am sure you chose the former, and I am sure your family and employer would too.  Taking the time to move your body benefits you and everyone around you.  Think of it like a ripple effect.  You being active may inspire those around you to be more active.  Before you know it, you are feeling better and those surrounding you are too. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Want to learn other ways to move beyond personal health?  Check out the Joyful Gym Rat on Facebook and Twitter.


Make waves by making your wellness a priority!

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