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It’s Fall Y’all! 3 Healthy Ideas for Embracing the Season

Fall has finally arrived here in Virginia!  The cooler weather last weekend had me clamoring for all things cozy (I really wanted to say pumpkin spice but feel like that gets overused…maybe because it’s so fragrant and delicious….ok, you got me.  I was totally clamoring for pumpkin spice…)

What is it about fall that brings the warm fuzzies?  Are we all just in denial that winter is coming (cue epic Game of Thrones music…)?  Switching from swampy and sweltering to crisp and brisk, as we did in a matter of days here in Virginia, is indeed refreshing.  It makes one want to soak up the season, short as it may be.

The following are a few easy ways to infuse a little autumn into your wellness routine:

Sprinkle Some Cinnamon: Aside from it being delicious, cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance.  Bake some cinnamon apples, sprinkle some on your sweet potato, or add some to your evening tea.

Cozy Up for Stroll: The simple act of going for walk has been shown to have a myriad of benefits.  Don a hoodie and catch a foliage-filled sunrise or bring a flashlight and the family for a spooky pre-Halloween/post-dinner stroll.

Settle into the Season:  Fall is by nature a time of transition, which can be exciting but also unsettling.   With the more introspective season of winter on the horizon,  fall can be a great time to adopt a mindfulness practice.  Plus, having a tool (or several) on lock for when the cooky relative-filled holiday season rolls around is never a bad idea….

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Still no color, mother nature must be confused since it was 98 degrees a week before this picture was taken….

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