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Going the Distance? These Three Plant Foods Will Get You There

Lately, “The Distance” by Cake has been T’s favorite song.  It seems rather fitting as he continues to test his own endurance daily (along with ours….)

Looked at objectively, life itself is an endurance sport.  And while our own individual marathons may look very different, I think we can all agree that things tend to go smoother when our bodies are properly fueled for the trek.

It’s no wonder that many extreme athletes swear by the power of plants.  Athlete or no, plants seem to be tailor made for increasing our ability to do just about everything.  Why not use them to our advantage in the arena of everyday life?

The following are a few plants that can help you soldier on, whatever the day may bring:

Bring On the Beets: This intensely pigmented veggie is not just for Dwight on “The Office” anymore (bears, beets, battlestar galactica….).  Many athletes now supplement with beet root juice to raise nitric oxide levels, which may enhance cardiorespiratory endurance.  As a bonus, nitric oxide stimulates the release of other feel good chemicals within the body (warning: you may be smiling with red-stained teeth…).

Gather Up the Greens:  Similarly to beets, leafy greens have the ability to raise nitric oxide levels.  They are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and provide powerful defense against inflammation.

Have Some Hemp: Packed with protein, hemp seeds contain BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which may promote muscle growth and prevent the loss of muscle tissue.  The hemp plant is synonymous with feeling giddy and its seeds are no exception: they too boost nitric oxide levels.

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There may have been some hemp seeds in those waffles…..

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