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Fitness Friday: What’s Your Rush?

As we head into the weekend, I invite you to slow down…your strength training that is.  Bursts of quick movement can be fun, but don’t underestimate the power of slow and controlled movement.

Just like meditating fosters awareness of thought, unhurried movement fosters awareness of the body.  Moving mindfully from time to time can have big benefits on overall progress and performance.  Constantly racing through workouts can lead to injury.  Mindlessly performed movements lose their potency.

I don’t always perform my workouts at the pace of a turtle, but when I do I choose the following:

-Slow Flow Yoga: Yoga, particularly slow flow vinyasa, is a great way to notice muscles (including ones you never knew you had).  To get the most benefit in regards to strength, find a class that incorporates lots of standing poses and weight bearing movements.

-Slow Motion Weight Lifting: Slowing down weight training puts the emphasis on mastery.  Try performing a pushup by pressing up for 4 counts then lowering down for 4 counts.  Instead of pausing at the top or bottom of the movement, keep the flow constant.

-Single Leg Balance: Single leg balance exercises strengthen the hip, knee, and ankle complex.  Standing on one leg is a great way to fire up the glutes, which tend to get sleepy from too much sitting.  Next time you get the urge to lunge, try coming to a balance instead of bringing the feet together in between repetitions.

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Dee says slow and steady wins the race…..

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