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Fitness Friday: To Trend or Not to Trend

I’ve been in the fitness world (and in the world in general) long enough to see many trends come and go.  From unitards and thigh masters to Crossfit and fit bits, exercise never goes out of style (but thankfully unitards have!).  So how do you know if that trendy new class is the real deal or a passing fad?  Here are a few things to consider when deciding if the “next big thing” should be your next endeavor:

-Will it help you meet your goals?:  What’s popular is not always right for you, and what’s right for you isn’t always popular.  When in doubt, speak with the instructor you are considering working with.  Any good instructor will want you to feel good after working with them and will usually be willing to give their honest opinion on whether or not their method meshes with your needs.

-Do you like the vibe?: From high energy and lots of yelling to dim lights and soft spoken words, most fitness clubs offer a wide variety of options to suit your personal taste.  If you don’t vibe with a certain fitness trend you can certainly find something else that is more your speed.

-What does the science say?: If you are uncertain about how exactly the latest trend works, google it!  There are plenty of studies on the benefits of different types of exercise on everything from circuit training to dance.  When it comes to getting your body moving, it helps to get your analytical brain on board too!

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T, passing on the trendy in favor of a classic……..

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