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Fitness Friday: Just Say NO

This isn’t a post about setting boundaries or staying away from illicit drugs, but this NO is just as beneficial for your health.  Nitric oxide, otherwise known as NO, is produced when we have pleasurable experiences and also helps us experience more pleasure.  It’s like a non-vicious cycle.

Why should you care about NO?  Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessel walls helping them widen.  This allows blood to flow more freely preventing clotting and heart attack.  For all you men out there, producing enough NO means NO erectile disfunction.  NO also plays a roll in preventing strokes, eradicating tumors, balancing neurotransmitters, and reducing inflammation.

If that wasn’t enough, the mere process of NO being released stimulates the release of other feel-good chemicals in the body.

The following are some ways to encourage production of this super signaling molecule:

-Exercise: I am almost as sick of including that word on these lists as you are of seeing it, but it’s true.  Have you ever heard of runner’s high?  Nitric oxide baby….

-Play: Nitric oxide production is triggered by pleasurable experiences.  Just think of how much good finding pleasure in your workout can do….dancing anyone?

-Eat Plants: Here’s another frequent flyer on these lists.  Eating fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants, in particular leafy greens, enhances nitric oxide levels.  In fact, a whole foods plant based diet is the only method proven to reverse heart disease.  One plant based doctor encourages patients to eat leafy greens 6x per day with unparalleled results.  This may sound extreme to some but it sure beats the alternative of getting your chest ripped open, don’t you think?

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NO is this dudes favorite word to say, and least favorite word to hear……

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