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Fitness Friday: It’s the Little Things

The little things we do everyday can make a big impact.  I spend a good deal of time helping people move more comfortably.  Most of my clients want to climb stairs or crawl around on the floor with their grandkids.  They are less interested in mountain climbing and endurance sports (well, aside from babysitting toddler grandkids which could definitely be considered a type of endurance sport….).

Fitness goals are often thought of as grand.  Climbing Mt. Rainier or running an ultramarathon are fine aspirations, but I believe things like climbing a ladder to clean the gutters or running after your child in a grocery store parking lot are just as important.

Kick-ass workouts are great, but truly, it’s the little things we do everyday that add up.  The following are a few skeleton-supporting exercise ideas that can make life a little easier in the long run:

-Power Up With a Plank: Take 60 seconds to plank.  Extra credit if you do so while blending a healthy green smoothie or luscious adaptogenic latte.

-Roll It Out: Keep a foam roller in the living room and roll out while you wind down with some Netflix.  Bonus points if you watch a documentary about consuming more plants (Forks Over Knives or What the Health are some good places to start).

-Make Like a Flamingo: Stand on one foot for 30 seconds 3x per day.  Bonus points if you do so while while prepping a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner involving leafy greens.

For more fitness ideas head over to the Joyful Gym Rat page on Facebook!


T training Dee against her will so she can keep her puppy-like agility….

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