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Fitness Friday: Exercise is Important But It’s Not Serious

As we finish the week this Fitness Friday, I’d like to throw an idea out to all you weekend warriors: Exercise is important, but it’s not serious.  It’s a motto that I’ve learned to incorporate over the years and have found it to be more true these days as I watch my two year old son explore his physicality.

No one has to tell him to move, he just does.  And he loves it.  Whether he is jumping on the bed (J’s influence for sure), boogying down in the kitchen to Tower of Power (while singing “Down to the nightclub…”), or climbing a too-tall play structure while I clench my jaw envisioning another broken leg, he exudes pure joy.

It makes me think that, at least for most of us, exercise is like free and good-for-you Valium.  So why is it that something like 80% of Americans don’t get the minimum recommended amount?  It seems like exercise has run into a bit of a branding problem.  What once was a joyous romp on the playground now conjures up images of slogging it out on the treadmill, waiting for those godforsaken 30 minutes to be up.

Below are a few examples that might change your view on what moving for health’s sake actually looks like.  Granted, I’d love to see more adult-friendly trampoline parks and playgrounds, but these three fun-focused movement options give me faith that things are moving in the right direction:

-Hit Up a Morning Rave: Whether you are already a morning person or strive to be one, this is pretty cool.  Morning dance parties have been popping up in major cities as an alternative way to start the day.  Dance party before desk work….why not?

-Get Away to an Adult Summer Camp: Truth be told, I never went to camp when I was a kid but was a counselor for a few years as a teen.  Even so, this new vacation option is intriguing.  Whether your into more classic activities like swimming, archery, and boating or long for something a little more esoteric,  adult summer camp is a great way to get your mind right about movement.

-Join the Circus: Well, not really.  But circus arts fitness is a real thing.  You can swing from a trapeze, do some aerial tricks, or even learn how to juggle! (Talk about an alternative upper body workout!)

For more fun workout ideas check out the Joyful Gym Rat page on Facebook or follow on Twitter!


Lose the suit and run free!  Your inner child is begging you…..

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