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Fitness Friday: Exercise as Medicine

Careful people, what I am pushing is more powerful than prescription drugs.  When put to the test, exercise performs as well or better than prescription drugs in the treatment of heart disease, stroke, depression, and osteoporosis.  It also beats out drugs when it comes to preventing diabetes.

Side effects may include more energy, a stronger body, and a sharper mind.  And don’t worry about an overdose: the most recent studies show the more moderate intensity movement you pack into your day, the better your results will be.  Diet is still the number one killer and public health concern but lack of movement ranks at #5, even higher than smoking!

Ready to boost your health and quality of life?  Try these simple tips to add more movement to your day:

-Remember the “talk but not sing test”:  Adding any amount of movement is a plus but, to get the most out of your workout, remember the “talk but not sing” test. Moderate intensity activity (the kind that is most studied and has shown the most benefit) is classified as straining to a point where you can talk but would feel winded if you tried to sing.

-Workout while you work:  You may have heard the saying “sitting is the new smoking”, but actually it ranks higher than smoking in the risk-factor-for-disease hierarchy!  Avoid sitting for long periods of time by taking movement breaks, walking while you talk on the phone, or investing in a stand up desk.

-Begin each day by moving your body:  Movement is better than coffee when it comes to starting the day with a clear head and more energy.  Exercise ignites the lymphatic system, which works to deliver nutrients to cells and remove waste.

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T heard that sitting is the new smoking, so he decided to get out of his stroller and walk…….

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