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Fitness Friday: Best Laid Plans….

As the saying goes, sometimes the best laid plans often go astray.  During this holiday/cold and flu season you may find this pertaining to your workout program.  Personally, I was hit over the head with this when T fractured his leg this week.  I started off eager to jump back in after the holiday last week, but life had other plans.  If a busy schedule, health issues, or something else has you down this season, here are a few reminders to help you stay the course:

-Do what you can, when you can: Instead of getting attached to a particular workout schedule or time, practice being flexible.  Don’t pigeon-hole yourself as a “morning workout person” or and “evening workout person”.  Sometimes you just have to be a “workout person”.  Even if your energy is a low, a simple walk can completely change your physical state and mood.  A bonus: spreading activity throughout the day instead of packing it in to one workout helps balance blood sugar.

-Prioritize movement: Whether it’s you or someone else you are caring for, prioritizing movement is nourishing for everyone involved.  It may seem impossible when days get busy to fit anything in but finding just 30 minutes to connect with your body will make you healthier, happier, and ready to handle whatever life throws your way.

-Make lemonade: No, not literally (well, maybe with fresh lemons and organic stevia….)  If you are usually aggressive in your workouts, being sick could give you the chance to explore the softer side of movement.  A shoulder injury could force you into spin class and who knows, maybe you’ll love it!  T is an active little guy and I was afraid he would go crazy being cooped up so I brought the jogging stroller back out.  For the first time since he started running himself he was content to just cruise.  It was a win-win since it allowed T a change of scenery and mom a few great workouts (with Dee reluctantly tagging along).

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T won’t let this cast get in the way of playing with cars….

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