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Enjoy Some Instant Gratification

Lately I’ve been reading and writing about exercise for healthy aging and longevity.  Though the carrot at the end of the stick approach may work for some, most of us prefer gratification of the immediate kind.  Luckily this post is for you.

Aging gracefully (and gratefully) is a respectable goal, but the truth is there are many variables we can’t control.  For example, last Saturday while driving back from yoga class with my mind on my produce and my produce on my mind (seriously, my salad making skills have gotten really good lately…) my breaks cut out and I crashed into the car in front of me.   Luckily I was only going about 25 miles an hour (I swear I was not speeding to get to that salad…) and no one was hurt.

I am grateful that T was not in the car, that the driver of the other car was extremely kind and understanding, and that this did not occur as I was driving Mario Andretti-like on my way to teach a yoga class the previous morning (no matter how early we all rise the morning is never quite long enough….).

The great thing about healthy habits, like getting plenty of movement, is they not only benefit in the long term but also in the short term.

I truly hope that everyone reading this post lives a full, rich, and centenarian life.  However, if you just can’t wait that long to see results, lift yourself up (off the couch?) with these immediate benefits in mind:

-Prompt Peppiness:  Thanks to endorphins , even short bouts of exercise can boost mood.  Next time you’re feeling low try 20 minutes (or more!) of heart pumping movement for a natural pleasure fix.

-Instant IQ Boost: Exercise helps boost cognitive function, both over the short and long term.  Next time you are stumped by a problem, take a walk (or run!) around the block to gain some mental clarity.

-Current Confidence:  Channel your inner bad ass to conquer a workout and you just might carry that sense of badassery into the rest of your day.

For more tips, tricks, and musings on health, head over to the Joyful Gym Rat page on Facebook!


T doesn’t think much about longevity, he has his mama for that….(picture taken by J.  Cute now but had I known he was doing this I would have been yelling for him to get down….)

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