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Battle of the Vegan Frostings

This week was J’s birthday.  When I offered to bake him a cake, he asked that it be made with a “ridiculous” amount of frosting.  I took this literally and the amount of frosting made was indeed ridiculous.  3 recipes, 2 of them doubled, ended up in and on the cake.  A few of my own experiments, one an epic fail of garbage disposal proportions and the other that morphed into caramel candy, did not make the cut.

To save you all the trouble of making 5 different vegan frosting recipes (c’mon, you were totally planning on doing that, weren’t you???)  I have listed links to the recipes along with my personal reviews:

Vegan Vanilla Frosting from Feasting on Fruit:  When I saw that this recipe featured Japanese sweet potatoes (surprise J!), I knew I had to give it a try.  Simple and delicious, this one wins for ease of preparation.  I used it for the filling in between layers of carrot cake and added a bit of lemon juice for tang.  The only drawback is that you have to frost with it right away as it looses spreadability when stored in the fridge.

Maple Frosting from Forks Over Knives:  I highlighted this recipe in the linked to post from last Easter.  It requires a bit more prep than the other two and has a lighter, fluffier texture.  Bonus, the main ingredient is carrot so the nutritional profile is decent as far as frostings go.

Coconut Butter Frosting from Dreena Burton:  This definitely wins the prize for authenticity.  The creamy coconut butter creates  a frosting that is reminiscent of buttercream.  It tastes richer than the other two and complimented the carrot cake nicely.

For more plant based decadence check out The Joyful Gym Rat Tasty Tuesday series or follow on Facebook!


Happy birthday J, may this be your best year yet!

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